2 — What is Your Passion and How Can You Live It?

So, what is your passion, how can you live it, and how can you create a living from it? That’s the purpose of this blog: to explore these ideas as they’ve emerged in my life in the hopes that they might help you. I also encourage you to join in the conversation. What have you discovered about your passion and how has it affected your life? Or, are you still searching? Or, have you not yet begun your search for what truly seeks expression from within you? All are welcome to join in the conversation and to share your experiences, your fears and concerns, and your own personal journeys… 

This is to be a safe place to explore what can be frightening for some of us, intimidating for some of us, exciting for some of us. I ask that you enter the conversation allowing others to express themselves fully, without judgment, without condescension, and without rancor or anger. Each of us has a separate path in this lifetime, and that is exactly the path we are to be on. Our role is to support those paths, to encourage, to provide insights when they arise, and to gently offer guidance. There is no room here for anger, hatefulness, and mean-spiritedness that pervade many blogs. So, please join the conversation with respect for each other and gratitude for the opportunity to meet others who are also searching for who they really are.

What is your passion? How do you find it? Where do you find it? How do you allow it to fully bloom into its true expression? That true expression is the real you—the you that is deep inside waiting to explode into the world. Where is it? It’s hidden beneath the image or persona you created to be able to survive in this world. That persona is what everyone sees and what you believe is the real you. You may not know anything else than what you feel you are right now. On the other hand, you may have seen glimpses of something deeper within you, or you may know that there is something there that is just waiting for the right time to express itself.

You may also have already found your passion, what drives you, what lights you up! Join in the conversation here, too. Share your passion and—especially—share how you found it, how you’re living it, and —if you’ve done so, how you’ve created a living from it. What did you learn? What realizations emerged? What “a-ha”* moments showed up?

*  a-ha moment: when a knowing, a point of massive clarity, arises seemingly from nowhere that gives you a deeper understanding. A-ha’s may be big or small, but they come from deep within you—from that part of you that is the real you. More about this in future blogs…