4 — “A-ha” Moments and Coincidences

Today, let’s talk about a-ha* moments and “coincidences” and seemingly random events and connections, and what this has to do with you and your passion or your calling. From 1 — Empowering Yourself: Finding Your Passion!:

Why would you want to find your passion? Because when you live your true passion—that driving force that is deep within you—your life flows. Work is no longer work, but rather seems like play. When your work is created from your true passion, you get up in the morning not to go to work but to go play! …

Each of us has within us something that urgently wants to be given to the world. No matter who you are, deep within you there is something of great value to others. Sometimes it’s so deeply buried by all that you’ve experienced in life that it’s difficult to get in touch with, but it is there! That thing of great value is what you are truly passionate about—it’s what you are meant to give to yourself and to the world.

“A-ha moments and ‘coincidences’ and seemingly random events and connections” are all windows into that something that is deep within you that is of great value to others and that urgently wants to be given to the world. All of these things occur all the time—sometimes more frequently than others—but they are there. You only need pay attention to what you are experiencing to find them.

Start with who and what you’re attracting into your life. Who are you meeting? Especially those unexpected meetings with people you’ve never met before, or where you’re on a park bench or in an airplane and begin a conversation with someone that seems to end way too quickly because the two of you were so caught up in it that you didn’t notice the time pass.

That person you struck up an unexpected conversation with: did you find a resonance with something that you are doing? Is there a way that you can help them—to both your benefit and theirs? What is he or she doing that they are passionate about? Does that resonate with you?

We all get a lot of unsolicited e-mail these days. It seems that the spammers can always find us, no matter how hard we try to opt out of lists or to not give out our e-mail address. But are there nuggets of gold buried in some of those e-mails? What are you searching for lately? Are any of those e-mails related to something you’ve been looking for?

In your random browsing of the Internet, is there some pattern to your browsing? Is there a deeper message there?

Are you looking for work? Maybe you’re really looking for another stream of income but didn’t know that. Maybe that search would be more productive than just looking for “a job.” Are any of those unsolicited e-mails a response to that broader search?

How do you spend your non-“work” time? Do you have a hobby or pastime that you are passionate about? If it could earn an income for you somehow or other—you don’t have to know how right now—would you do it fulltime, or at least spend more time at it? Do you know others with the same or similar hobby? Are any of them earning income from that hobby?

These are some of the things I’ve been asking myself and noticing for the past year especially. Next we’ll talk about what I’ve found for myself, and how that might help you.

*  a-ha moment: when a knowing, a point of massive clarity, arises seemingly from nowhere that gives you a deeper understand. A-ha’s may be big or small, but they come from deep within you—from that part of you that is the real you. More about this in future blogs…