34 — More on Manifesting

More has evolved on manifesting and what is involved. Be sure to re-read #25 — How to Manifest—Really! and especially the Basic Tenets section. What has evolved is the observation that manifesting is the Universe playing with delight, wonder, and awe. If I fully embrace that everything already exists, and exists within my field, then the miraculousness of it is not that it happened, but how it happened. A miracle is a miracle because we couldn’t imagine it happening in the way that it happened. 

We are playing in the Universe, and this planet—this plane—is our playground (also see #31 — Being Successful is a Game!). So, it seems to me that quantum physics theory has gotten only part of it: everything is a probability until it isn’t, but we have the innate ability to choose which probabilistic form will manifest (but not how it will manifest, or when).

Furthermore, quantum experiences are already happening in the large. Scientists only know how to demonstrate quantum physics principles on an atomic or molecular scale because they are trying to measure results with post-manifest instruments (i.e., those they have already created according to Newtonian physics principles). Everything that exists is a demonstration of the validity of quantum physics principles.

Manifestation happens only in partnership with the Universe. We can identify what, but the Universe, in its infinite complexity, works within the “rules” of this plane to determine the how (and the when). It takes something close to infinite wisdom to assemble the “pieces” of this plane to actualize that which is to be manifested.

So, the “coincidence” of my meeting someone who turns out to be a very fortuitous connection, say, could be orchestrated only by a higher intelligence that could create the urges, visions, impulses that move people, things and events around so that we are in the same place at the same time and encounter each other in such a way that we actually meet.

And only the Universe knows why—although some part of the “coincidence” may have been manifested by one or both of us consciously or subconsciously expressing a desire for the type of person or resource that we wanted to encounter.

Hmmm… more to come?