31 — Being Successful is a Game!

Being successful is a game? What do I mean by that? Pick what you want to be successful at, play the game, and see what outcome you can generate. If it isn’t what you want, start a new game. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? But when you step back from the mind’s seriousness and anxiety about success, what emerges is that you’re just playing a game. And like all games, if you don’t like this game, find a new one to play!

We’re all here—at least in part—to play this game of “Life on This Planet!” In so doing, we learn (quickly or slowly) how to operate in this material plane. Being on this planet doesn’t have so much to do with dealing with the complexities of our individual lives as it does with “dealing with” this physical aspect of the Universe. Of course we have to contend with what is happening in our lives right now. If we don’t do this—and we have a choice—then we get to deal with the consequences—or at least experience them.

But on another level, we are experiencing and learning about this material world we live in, and that’s about manifesting in all its forms. So, is that why we’re here—to learn to manifest? Is our entire existence on this plane encompassed by how well we learn to manifest?

What about, for example, our learning about our physical world—birds or insects or volcanos, for example? Or becoming a doctor or a teacher or a psychologist? Are these about manifesting? In a sense, they are distractions for the mind. On the other hand, how well you do anything depends on your ability to manifest—that is, to draw from the Universe what you need when you need it, because manifesting is really about your ability to engage with the Universe on its terms.

Your ability to manifest is directly correlated with your command of the rules of the Universe! So, what are the rules of the Universe we need to understand and work with? See blog #25—How to Manifest—Really! for more on this. From #25, here are the basic tenets on which all manifesting is based:

  • The Universe is limitless; it is boundlessly abundant; there is no lack.
  • Everything is already present in the Universe—everything that you might ever want (or want to know or to discover) already exists in pre-physical form.
  • You are the entire Universe—that is, you are One with the Universe and all that it comprises.
  • Because you are the Universe, everything in the Universe is yours, and it can come to you when you are ready—which you may have to work for if you’re not ready. Physical conditioning or learning a skill or preparing your mind, for example, may be necessary first.
  • Your role as a manifestor is to see and feel what you want in physical form (or energetic form on this plane—creative thoughts and ideas, for example).

It is very important that you examine each of these statements very deeply and decide for yourself whether or not they are true. These are the basis of all manifesting. You must come to know the truth of them for yourself. Note that I’m not asking you to believe them. Belief is an activity of the mind, and it is limiting in its effect. The truth of these statements can be known only through the heart, whose truth is expanding.

So, now back to seeing that being successful is a game. What is success? Nothing more than drawing to you those things that are considered “success” in the field you have chosen or those things that are needed to have “success” conferred upon you. Whether that’s money, or clients, or knowledge, or a creative invention, or …

In the game of “Life on This Planet” we exist in a world comprised of little selves, all interacting with, reacting to, bouncing off, resisting, fighting with, and occasionally even loving other little selves—each taking itself so seriously that so many of the encounters become life and death matters. We’re in a political season now, so these struggles among little selves for control, for power, to be right, to make their adversaries wrong are all so prevalent. It’s sad that so little of all this activity is from a place of wisdom, compassion, clarity, and love for those with whom we share this small planet.

If we were to see life as it actually is—this parallel series of games which we all are playing to be able to experience what the material plane is—would we take it so seriously, even to the point where we harm and kill each other over the outcomes? Would we have anxiety, depression, all the other forms of mental illness, sickness, and disease that exist in our society today? Would we have the cutthroat, competitive, winner-take-all activities that seem so prevalent in so much of the business, sports, and entertainment “worlds?”

New rules for the games of “Success” and “Life on This Planet” are emerging. They’re showing up in movements such as green, sustainable, social justice, alternative healthcare, Conscious Capitalism, and many others. Many of these have been here for some time, but their impact is accelerating. Are you resisting these changes, or witnessing them, or welcoming them? You have a choice in the games you are playing.

So—how do you play the games of “Success” and “Life on This Planet?” What rules do you play by? Are the rules of your life (see #27— Our Lives Are Ruled by the Rules of Our Lives) limiting you from fully participating in and experiencing—and benefitting from—the games we all are playing, whether or not we believe they are games?

Probably more to come on all this …