26 — Periodic Updates to Post #25 — How to Manifest—Really!

If you haven’t read 25 — How to Manifest—Really!, please do so before reading these updates. Also, you may want to check back here regularly as I’ll continue to update this page as more comes to me about manifesting.

5 June 2014— Role of the Feminine: In #25 we talked about manifesting coming from the heart, not the mind. More about that from this morning’s meditation:

Each of us has a masculine aspect and a feminine aspect in our energetic/spiritual make-up. Note that this has nothing to do with gender. We tend to exhibit characteristics of both, but the characteristics of one may be emphasized over the other, and may even tend to (almost) completely obscure the other. What is ideal is a balance between the two, whereby you “operate” from both perspectives—seeing, hearing, feeling, doing, “thinking,” sensing, relating, etc.

What comes from your heart is associated with your feminine aspect; from your mind, with your masculine aspect. Manifesting comes from your feminine aspect, as does your creativity, connection with the Universe/Divine, and relating to all that is within and around you. Consequently, the more you cultivate your feminine aspects—the more you open to that part of you—the more effective your manifesting.

How do you cultivate your feminine aspects? That’s most likely an entire blog entry, but the short answer is look for, do, expose yourself to those things that touch the softer aspects of yourself. Pro football or WrestleMania/WWE directly appeal to the baser parts of your masculine aspect, to the almost complete exclusion of your feminine aspect. (This has nothing to do with women watching a pro football game!)

Watching a small child play for hours completely caught up in its own play, or cuddling a small cat or dog are activities that can touch your heart and open you to your feminine aspects. An excellent way to do this is by reading each day one or two of the poems in “A Glimpse of Heaven,” by Esther (Huanying) Qin. I met Huanying in a workshop over the weekend and was tremendously touched by her poetry. I think you will find that it touches you, too, in a way that moves you more/much more into your feminine aspects.

If you find you tend mostly to your masculine side, find something that you can meditate on for a few minutes that will bring you more into your feminine aspect. From that point, focus on your manifesting as we described in #25.

26 June 2014—Playing Big: As you come to know you are the Universe and that its limitless abundance is fully accessible to you, allow yourself to go within. Feel the vastness of the Universe and the vastness of that abundance. Allow yourself to fully expand into all that is the Universe. Feel the magnificence of your true self! It is your true self that “plays big”—not the little you, not the ego. The ego is small, afraid, always limited in its capacities. The true self has no limits of any sort!

More to come!