29 — The Power Within Us

The core of each of us is a power so strong that nothing can stop it when fully accessed! What is that power and how do we access it? First of all, we need to differentiate—as David Hawkins does—between the power levels and the force levels of consciousness. For a quick summary, see the following chart from Hawkins’ work:

[I had originally posted an image of Dr. Hawkins’ Power vs. Force
matrix, but recently received a letter from Veritas Publishing
telling me I was violating the copyright they held on Dr. Hawkins’ work.
If you search on Google for images using “Power vs. Force”
as the search term, you’ll see one or more of the images
graphically representing Dr. Hawkins categorization of
emotions–similar to those below from other sources.]

For those interested, Hawkins’ chart correlates well with Lester Levenson’s chart of emotions:

Levenson Chart

and the Scientology tone scale:

Scientology Tone Scale

Each of these was “discovered” independently by its author, and the correlation is remarkable. The key finding of each is that the level of consciousness of the individual determines where that individual is on the scale. The higher the individual’s level of consciousness, the more engaged the individual is with life and the more satisfying that level of engagement is.

So what is this power that exists within each of us, what effect does it have on our lives, and how do we access it to the fullest?

The power itself is what is called the higher self or the quantum self. It’s that aspect of Divinity that comprises the core of each of us. To the extent we are in touch with it, it can have a very significant (positive) effect on how we live our lives. The greater our level of consciousness (or awakening), the greater access we have to this source that is always within us.

You may ask, “If it’s always within me, why can’t I feel it or sense it or feel or sense its impact on my life?” The short answer is that the more tightly you are linked to the mind, the more that this Divine power is hidden away from view.

This Divine power isn’t what most of us work from most (all?) of the time. What we work from is the mind, or little self. Graphically, it might look something like this:

Abstract ball light with small white ballWithin that little dot (which represents the mind) are all our attitudes, beliefs, values, decisions, postulates, assumptions, etc. (see 19 — What Influences You? and 27 — Our Lives Are Ruled by the Rules of Our Lives!). We react from the mind to all of life that impinges on us—believing, interpreting, deciding, emoting, etc. according to how the mind interprets those energetic stimuli that exist all around us.

But if we realize that all those energetic stimuli are not ours to begin with, and then allow the wisdom that exists in our higher self (what we actually are) to guide our responses, life would be much different. We would be living from the wisdom of the higher or quantum self (or the Universe, the Divine, God—however we perceive our higher self), rather than from the inherent limitations and biases of the mind—the little self.

What are the benefits of accessing this power of the quantum self more and more fully? The first is that the greater your access, the more that your life is Divinely guided. The second is that your powers of manifesting come from your ability to access this aspect of Divinity. (For more on manifesting, see 25 — How to Manifest—Really!)

How do we increase our access to this power that is always within us? The direct answer is given at the end of 27 — Our Lives Are Ruled by the Rules of Our Lives!, and that answer is awaken! As a side note, the same process that enriches our lives by giving us greater access to the Divinity within us is the same process that frees us from all the rules that rule our lives! How grand!