25 — How to Manifest—Really!

Don’t Believe What I Say!

There’s a lot I have to say here that isn’t universally accepted. I encourage you not to believe any of it just because I’ve said it and you’ve read it. In fact, don’t believe anything I have to say here. Rather, go deep inside yourself and determine for yourself whether or not any of it is true. What is true is what you know (in your heart—not in your mind) to be true.

So, this blog entry is about manifesting what you passionately want in your life. What you will find here is not what I wrote as much as what came to me—actually, as do all these blog entries. The words flow and I write them down! Then where do the words come from? The words come from the Universe, or from infinite creativity, or from the Divine, or whatever you feel is your source of creative inspiration. Does that make them any more or less true than if I had a well-reasoned and argued statement of why this should be true? This is for you to decide—as I had suggested earlier; determine your own truth. Here are three sources that you may also want to consider for their corresponding perspective, although I believe what you will read here is very consistent with all three. The first is Stuart Wilde and his talk on “The Mastery of Money:”

The second is Wallace Wattle’s “The Science of Getting Rich:”

The third is Alfonso de Rose’s FAITH seminar, which unfortunately is no longer available since Alfonso unexpectedly passed in 2017. His videos are still available here. I suggest you listen to both Stuart Wilde and Wallace Wattles. Both are somewhat dated in their references, but are very contemporary in their ideas.

In his workshop this past weekend (May 2014), Alfonso told a story about being in New Mexico on a perfectly clear day, one with no clouds whatsoever in the sky. In a ceremony nearby, Native Americans began a dance. The sky began to fill with massive storm clouds and a tremendous hailstorm erupted. They all had to run for cover because of the size of the hailstones. Following the hail storm, Alfonso asked the Chief of the Native Americans where the rain came from. The Chief’s response was that the rain was already there, we just couldn’t see it!

This story and the Chief’s knowing that the rain was already there triggered a tremendous download of a lot about manifesting. What follows is a distillation of all that came to me.

Basic Tenets

The Chief’s response is a perfect segue into what I want to say about manifesting. There are some basic tenets on which all manifesting is based. These are:

  • The Universe is limitless; it is boundlessly abundant; there is no lack.
  • Everything is already present in the Universe—everything that you might ever want already exists in pre-physical form.
  • You are the entire Universe—that is, you are One with the Universe and all that it comprises.
  • Because you are the Universe, everything in the Universe is yours, and it can come to you when you are ready—which you may have to work for if you’re not ready. Physical conditioning or learning a skill, for example.
  • Your role as a manifestor is to see and feel what you want in physical form—much more on this in a moment—as this is your key to manifesting!
  • You manifest with your heart, with feelings—not with your mind and not with words.
  • You can’t know all the ways how what you choose to manifest can take place—only the Divine knows that; so you need only focus on the what—in exquisite detail (again, more on that in a moment).

It is very important that you examine each of these statements very deeply and decide for yourself whether or not they are true. These are the basis of all manifesting. You must come to know the truth of them for yourself. Note that I’m not asking you to believe them. Belief is an activity of the mind, and it is limiting in its effect. The truth of these statements can be known only through the heart, whose truth is expanding.

You Are A Master Manifestor

We will give you a detailed prescription for manifesting in a moment. But first, it is very important that you realize that you are already a master manifestor! You need only look at all that you have manifested in your life: everything that you now have, you manifested—whether or not you wanted it. How did you do that? Through the process that I’m going to describe below, except that your manifesting was guided by unconscious thoughts and emotions—thoughts of which you may not be aware, nor of how they are affecting your life.

For example, if you believe the Universe is a Universe of lack, then you will create lack in your life. If you believe you are not worthy of having wealth, your thoughts will ensure you won’t have wealth. A prime example of this is the many instances of lottery winners who, within a year, have lost everything they won and are now living their life at the level they were before they won the lottery.

So, you ARE a master manifestor. What we are going to describe below is how you can manifest what you consciously choose to manifest, rather than what you have been manifesting that you may not, at a conscious level, want in your life.

The Keys to Manifesting

You must make a commitment to gratitude—deeply feel gratitude for what you already have—both seen and unseen (or to be seen). Manifesting takes place in the heart, not in the mind. The effects of the mind are limiting; the effects of the heart are expanding. You’re not pushing the mind or thoughts away; rather you are sculpting what you want with your creativity—which is not in the mind, but rather is in your heart.

  1. Decide something that you want to manifest—a new car, for example. See that car in exquisite detail: color, features, make, model, etc.
  2. See yourself deeply involved with that which you want to manifest. For example, see yourself in your new car; smell the new car smell; see yourself driving it in the favorite places you like to drive; feel how it handles on the road; create a complete feeling picture of that which you want to manifest.
  3. Feel in your body that you have it already.
  4. Deeply express gratitude to your Divine, for what you desire is already on its way.
  5. The more strongly you feel it, the more intense your interaction with the Universe.
  6. Have a deep focus on what you want; strongly feel it every day, multiple times each day.
  7. The level of feeling has to do with your depth of knowing that what you want to manifest is already there, and you are just bringing it into physical form.
  8. Be unattached to what you want to manifest—that is, allow it to be in the Universe because it is already there. Once you know that to be true, you have no need for desperation or anxiety about receiving it because you already have it, and you are now causing it to take its physical form on this physical plane.
  9. You will receive what you desire to manifest when the time is right, and that is determined by the Divine, not by you. Nevertheless, you can still ask for what you want when you want it!
  10. Manifesting is co-creation: you have to do your part, and God will do hers/his.

Play Big

Play big. We constantly make yourselves small. Or rather, the ego makes itself small. You are infinite because you are the Universe. You just happen to have encased yourself in this physical body in this lifetime, but you are not this body and you are not the mind. You are much bigger than both. How big you are depends on your level of consciousness. And your level of consciousness has to do with how much of the Universe you perceive is yours. As I said above, you manifest only from your heart, not from the mind, which most of us try to do—with affirmations, for example. But the mind can keep us from manifesting: with doubt, for example, or by keeping us out of our heart, which is where our knowing takes place.

Abide by the Laws of the Universe

Here are some laws of the Universe to keep in mind:

  • The giver gains. Share what you have; the Universe is truly abundant and limitless, so there’s always more.
  • Give joyfully and freely, with no strings or expectations whatsoever.
  • What you have is not really yours exclusively, so don’t be attached to it.
  • Seeding: What you sow with love you reap many times over.

You must be able to receive. When you receive you allow the giver to receive the blessing that accompanies giving freely. Have integrity with money. Pay your debts. Burn your credit cards; buy on credit only when it is an investment that will pay you back. A car that allows you to go to work is an investment. A flat screen TV is most likely not. Use credit only when you are borrowing to create more wealth.

How to Start

Manifesting is knowing and its consequent feeling. The mind does not know—it only doubts. The heart knows and feels. Start with reasonable wants. If you want to manifest a billion dollars by next week, that is a fantasy, and it is highly unlikely that you will be passionate about having it, nor be prepared to receive it. Manifest that which you truly and deeply want in your life. Otherwise, you won’t have the depth of feeling and emotion that are necessary to attract to you the physical form of what you want.

Where Did the Above Come From?

The above is predominantly a download that came in a series of images and feelings that were triggered by a question in Alfonso de Roses’ FAITH seminar that then led to his story about the rain dance and the Chief’s response. You don’t have to believe a word of it. Rather, feel your way through the above. Does it resonate with you? What does your heart say? It doesn’t matter what your mind says—it will always be a doubter, telling you what you can’t be, do, or have.

So, go forth and create!


Copyright 2014 Donald R. McCrea