37 — What’s Really Happening!

The following came to me in my journaling this morning. If you don’t remember my Wonder Woman movie story, see  36 — For Men Only (Mostly?): The Ascension of the Divine Feminine.  A quick review is as follows. Wonder Woman is the Divine Feminine that is descending to Earth at this time. Ares, the God of War, is the little masculine self who must surrender to the Divine Feminine so that the Divine Masculine can arise to take its place alongside and in support of the Divine Feminine. When Ares dies at Wonder Woman’s hand, that’s the surrender of the little masculine self. Further, what I saw during that particular download is that all the actions of the Republican leadership in this country is the last gasp breath of the little masculine self trying to survive. Their efforts are to kill love, whether that’s in the form of social security, single payer healthcare, or other equal justice or social good platforms.

The little masculine self carries a millennia-old anger toward, and hatred of, women—there are reasons for this, but it’s enough to recognize that it’s there in the little masculine collective consciousness. It’s the basis of the horrendous treatment of women by men for thousands of years.

What came to me this morning is that the energy of the Republican party is that of the little masculine self. That’s why 84% of Republicans (men and women) supported Kavanaugh. All their arguments for why he should be approved are the made-up reasonings of the little masculine self trying to survive and rationalizing its survival. It also reflects at a very deep level its underlying hatred of women. Those in the Republican party aren’t aware that they are driven by this Republican party collective consciousness energy. They actually believe all that they (the little masculine self) are telling themselves.

The Democratic party’s energy is that of the little feminine self, which has been cowed and has allowed itself to be made small by that millennia-old masculine hatred of women. All the compromising and other submissive actions of the Democrats (as a party) are driven by this smallness and hiding. It’s self-protection. However, that’s all about to change as the Divine Feminine asserts itself and “kills Ares.”

What we are seeing in Christine Blasey Ford and all the other women who are now standing up and saying “no more”—as part of the #MeToo and other movements—are the arising of the Divine Feminine. What I saw in the Wonder Woman download (above) is that the Divine Feminine cannot be stopped. The little masculine self will surrender—Ares does die.

The reason that the little feminine self has allowed itself to be made small is because of the physical strength and size of men compared to women. But physical strength and size matter so much less in the world of today—voting, protesting, judicious use of the legal system, the internet, social media, education of women, etc. are all leveling the playing field.

Here’s another thought that just came to me. The little self (masculine or feminine) is linear, solely deductive, unable to handle complexity, and disconnected from Source. The higher self (the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, the latter of which has yet to begin to emerge) is multi-faceted, inductive, able to handle deep complexity, and connected to Source—all the qualities required to, paraphrasing Einstein, “solve problems from a higher level of consciousness than created them.” The deep change that is so needed in the world is being led by women, and we will continue to see this accelerate. It’s no coincidence that the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize was just awarded to Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad for their efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict.

The drama that is being played out is fascinating! I would love to hear your perception of this and all that’s happening right now!