35 — Accessing the Wisdom of the Universe

About five months ago, a realization came to me to focus my business consulting on “sustainability auditing.” What emerged from this is that I was to work with small businesses to comprehensively review those key factors that were critical for the business to “thrive for decades.”

As I began to expand my business connections here in Marin County, California the feedback I got was Continue reading

34 — More on Manifesting

More has evolved on manifesting and what is involved. Be sure to re-read #25 — How to Manifest—Really! and especially the Basic Tenets section. What has evolved is the observation that manifesting is the Universe playing with delight, wonder, and awe. If I fully embrace that everything already exists, and exists within my field, then the miraculousness of it is not that it happened, but how it happened. A miracle is a miracle because we couldn’t imagine it happening in the way that it happened.  Continue reading

33 — Relationships, Expectations, and Anger

In the previous blog, we talked about relationships as they’re usually formed (my concept of you interacting with your concept of me) and true (higher self) relationships. One of the characteristics of my relating to a concept of you, or to a concept of how everyone should behave in certain circumstances (standing in line, for example), or to how the world should be (fair and just, for example) is that these concepts become expectations of how things should be (see #27 — Our Lives Are Ruled by the Rules of Our Lives). Continue reading

32 — Setting Right Relationships

When I look at you, I (my little self—the place from which I normally operate) form a concept of who you are. I do that through my interpretation of what I receive predominantly from seeing you, hearing you, smelling you, touching you—maybe in some sense tasting you. There may be some gut feel that also informs this concept. When you look at me, you (your little self) forms a concept of who I am. This is a “natural” aspect of little self behavior— Continue reading

28 — Fix Yourself First!

I’ve always been solution-oriented—meaning, if I saw a problem, I would try to fix it. Even when a fix wasn’t called for, or when my partner really only wanted me to listen, not try to fix things for her. Particularly during the G W Bush years, I read voraciously to understand what was wrong and how I could participate in fixing it. So much of that time, in particular, really irritated me. This irritation could occur at all levels—the Bush and crew antics were national and global, but there were local things that got to me, too; e.g.,  Continue reading

27 — Our Lives Are Ruled by the Rules of Our Lives!

Update 22 July 2014: Also see blog post #24—Shame, Guilt and Judgement and #19—What Influences You? for more on thoughts and beliefs, and their effects on our lives.

Our lives are ruled by the rules of our lives… What does that mean? What are the rules of our lives anyway? Are you thinking, “I don’t have any rules. I’m a free spirit and I make up my own rules!” or something like that? Perhaps you’re not as “free” as you think/believe you are. Note, first of all, that “think” and “believe” are activities of the mind—not qualities of the higher self. Secondly, rules are postulates Continue reading

26 — Periodic Updates to Post #25 — How to Manifest—Really!

If you haven’t read 25 — How to Manifest—Really!, please do so before reading these updates. Also, you may want to check back here regularly as I’ll continue to update this page as more comes to me about manifesting.

5 June 2014— Role of the Feminine: In #25 we talked about manifesting coming from the heart, not the mind. More about that from this morning’s meditation:

Each of us has a masculine aspect Continue reading