1 — Empowering Yourself—Finding Your Passion!

My purpose in writing this blog is to empower others to find their passion and to live from that passion—to make a life from it and to make a living from it. We’ll spend some time with finding your passion, and I’ll recommend some things I’ve found very helpful. We’ll also spend time on making a living once you’ve found your passion—maybe even more time here because this is becoming increasingly important in a world where the traditional paths of employment no longer work or are as secure… 

Why would you want to find your passion? Because when you live your true passion—that driving force that is deep within you—your life flows. Work is no longer work, but rather seems like play. When your work is created from your true passion, you get up in the morning not to go to work but to go play!

Each of us has within us something that urgently wants to be given to the world. No matter who you are, deep within you there is something of great value to others. Sometimes it’s so deeply buried by all that you’ve experienced in life that it’s difficult to get in touch with, but it is there! That thing of great value is what you are truly passionate about—it’s what you are meant to give to yourself and to the world.

Maybe you’ve already found it and are already living your passion. Or maybe you’ve found it, but don’t yet know how to live your passion or how to get it out to those in the world who are waiting for it. Maybe you’re still looking for your passion, or maybe you don’t even realize that deep within you exists that passion—something that is so magnificent that it lights you up, ignites your fires, drives you to pursue it.

I had a wonderful opportunity a few weeks ago to spend a short time in a workshop with a young lady whom we’ll call Sara (not her real name). This was a brief one-to-one exchange where we were each to spend five minutes describing what we were passionate about, what were the things that excited us. When it became Sara’s term, she first said she didn’t know what her passion was and that she had been trying many different things to find what she was really passionate about, but hadn’t found anything yet.

What came to me was that, right now, Sara’s “passion” was finding her passion. She brightened a little and it seemed that this resonated with her. And then it came to me was that she was actually afraid of her passion because it was so strong, and that her trying so many different things was actually a way of avoiding going deeper within herself to touch her real passion. When I described to her what I had seen, tears welled up and it was very clear that this resonated deeply with her truth.

Sara and I talked briefly about what she might do next, and it became clear to her that getting in touch with that depth of feeling that brought tears and emotion to her was where she would find her true passion. This brief session ended and we hugged and went back to our seats to continue the rest of the workshop.

So, what is your passion, how can you live it, and how can you create a living from it? That’s the purpose of this blog: to explore these ideas as they’ve emerged in my life—and in yours—in the hopes that they might help you. Stay tuned!