36 — For Men Only (Mostly?): The Ascension of the Divine Feminine

My Journey

The following is based on what I’ve experienced along my spiritual journey. As with all realizations and revelations, they are mine, and yours may be different. Nevertheless, I’ve been encouraged by a couple of very good friends who are also on steep spiritual paths to write about the following experiences since they may have relevance for others—especially other men.

My journey, for the past couple of years especially, has been one of head to heart. Here’s what I mean by that. For most of my life, I’ve acted from my thinking side—my left brain, so to speak. I’ve been rational, logical and a “serious thinker” when it came to decision-making. From time-to-time I’d be advised to “act from my heart” and, frankly, I didn’t really know how to do that—or even what was meant by that. What else was there but logical thinking? Little did I know at the time :)!

I met my former partner about seven years ago. She is a phenomenal spiritual and life coach who, with deep intention and perseverance, began to help me move toward a heart journey to accompany the purely head journey that I had been on for so long. The journaling that I had been doing and the meanings I understood from the spiritual work I did started coming from somewhere else. They no longer were just words, but rather were “answers” that just “showed up” and then formed into words. This phenomenon has been called intuition, insight, realization, revelation, or other descriptions that imply that they just appeared.


What I realized is that I had been having these experiences for a very long time. My first true experience of this was a physics final exam in my senior year of college that had a very difficult problem that I worked on all night. I just couldn’t complete the proof. All of a sudden, the answer just came to me out of the blue. No amount of logic had produced it. I continued to experience these kinds of solutions to the difficult math problems and proofs that I faced in graduate school.

I realize now that these experiences were a form of creativity, and that they resulted when I allowed myself to open to other possibilities. Of course, there was no active allowing in any of this. Rather, I would give up on a difficult problem after many days of trying to solve it, and then wake up in the middle of the night and have the solution—or experience this in the shower—all at times when I had let go of trying to find an answer.

So, that’s my background for what this blog article is really about—the many realizations I’ve had in the past very few years that have come together into a broader understanding of what I feel is happening in the Universe and on this planet at this time.

Energies and the Universe

The Universe went through a significant shift on December 21st, 2012—the end of the Mayan Calendar in one interpretation. About that time I started noticing changes in friends who were going to India for spiritual development. What I’ve come to realize is that the shift that took place is the descent of the Divine Feminine energy that has been missing from this planet for millennia. This has been a very masculine planet for a very long, long time. One need only look at all the patriarchal societies that have existed for millennia to confirm that.

The energies that have driven so much on this planet for so long are not the Divine Masculine energies, but rather the energies of the little masculine self that exists in the collective consciousness. One of the realizations I’ve experienced in this past year is of that energy. It is an energy that desperately wants love—the love of the Divine Feminine—but that doesn’t get what it feels it deserves, and holds tremendous disappointment and anger toward the feminine because of what it interprets as rejection.

This disappointment and anger toward the feminine is what is behind patriarchal societies and religions, and the abusive treatment of women that is just now being fully exposed for the epidemic that it has been for millennia. And it is this little masculine self energy that has made so many decisions based on greed, power, and self-interest.

All of us hold both masculine and feminine energy, but most of us who identify as men hold a preponderance of masculine energy. This is a direct reflection of both the little masculine self and Divine Masculine energy. Given that most of us are at a fairly low stage of consciousness, we tend to exhibit the characteristics of the little masculine self. What we don’t realize—what I didn’t realize—is that I didn’t know I carried the hurt, resentment, disappointment and anger of the little masculine self toward the feminine—women.

My life coach/partner kept telling me I had tremendous anger toward women. I strongly objected to that because I have been a supporter of women in so many ways for as long as I can remember. I’ve never been abusive toward women—at least I didn’t believe I had been so.

But recently, as part of this head-to-heart spiritual path, I saw that I did hold a deep anger that I had mostly kept repressed but that nevertheless sat there at a subconscious level within my being. I realized that I had unconsciously taken on at this deeper level the energies that existed in the little masculine self in the collective consciousness. As I came to this direct realization, the felt anger just melted away. Seeing that it had been my truth after all was enough for it to dissipate. I’ve expanded on “experiencing your truth” below.

Wonder Woman and the Divine Feminine and Masculine

Shortly after this series of revelations/realizations the movie Wonder Woman was released. For several months prior to the release of the movie into theaters, I had been drawn to every single trailer that had been released. I probably saw every one of them at least six or eight times, but had no idea why. I was to discover why upon arranging to see the movie a second time.

The first day the movie was in theaters I went to see it with a friend who likes action/adventure movies. I thought it was a good movie and enjoyed the story and action of it all. However, about two weeks later I got a strong urge to go see it again. I asked another friend and we planned on seeing it Saturday night. That Saturday morning, I was journaling at my favorite coffee roastery. All of a sudden I got a tremendous download about the movie.

This description of the download assumes you have seen the movie. Since probably most of you have, I won’t explain the story line. If you haven’t, I encourage you to go see it after reading what follows. Here’s what I received in the download:

Themiscyra, the home of the Amazons that is cloaked from the rest of mankind, represents the Divine Feminine energies that have been so missing from this planet for millennia. Wonder Woman represents the descent of the Divine Feminine onto this planet (that started in earnest at the end of 2012). She is determined to bring love to the rest of the planet (outside of Themiscyra) and to stop the war (WW I) that is currently raging and in which women and children are being killed.

Ares, the God of War who, in the movie story, has killed all the other gods is responsible for the killing. Wonder Woman makes it her purpose to kill Ares so that the massive killing will stop. In my download, I saw that Ares represents the little masculine self, and that Wonder Woman’s “killing” of Ares is the surrender of the little masculine self to the Divine Feminine so that the Divine Masculine can fully emerge and partner with the Divine Feminine to bring full consciousness to this planet.

Furthermore, I saw that the actions of the Trump administration, of the Republican leadership at the federal and state level, and of the other dark forces that are emerging now (alt-right, for example) are the last gasp breath of the little masculine self trying to survive. It believes it must kill love to do so, and the way it is doing that shows up in virtually all the actions of this administration and this Republican-controlled Congress. Virtually every one of their actions is an attempt to kill Divine Love in one form or another—the environment, women, the disabled, children, those in poverty, etc.

Of course the little masculine self will not survive its resistance. The force of the Divine Feminine is unlimited. The #metoo emergence is just the tip of the iceberg. We see how it has been emerging for much longer:

  • In 2016, more women entered law school than men for the first time ever.
  • The (very conservative) Supreme Court’s decision regarding same-sex marriage.
  • There are more women than men in college and the percentage of women graduates has been greater than the percentage of men for decades. It’s now at 67%.
  • Ireland, an historic Catholic country, legalized same-sex marriage by popular vote in 2015.

Impact on Men—and Women

What are the implications of this for men? My sense is that most men—perhaps especially white males—are at a level of consciousness where they are completely unaware that they have unconsciously taken on the characteristics of the little masculine self that exists in the collective consciousness—especially the anger, disappointment, and resentment that I experienced. They unconsciously act on this deeply buried anger, and it has lead to abuse, greed, selfishness, power struggles, aggressiveness, jealousy, bullying, and other forms of violence—especially toward women, but also toward the “other,” be it other races, other religions, other gender preferences, other teams, other political parties, etc.

What to Do?

As a man—and for some women, since both men and women carry a mix of masculine and feminine energies—you carry this little masculine self energy as part of you. Depending on where you are on your spiritual path and on your level of consciousness, you may have some sense of this or you may not. I’ve had a spiritual practice of one form or another for many years, but it wasn’t until deep into my head-to-heart transition that I finally became aware that I carried this little masculine self energy.

It is a characteristic of us as human beings that, when we experience our “truth,” that belief dissipates. This is also a teaching of O&O Academy, an incredible spiritual academy based in India. There’s a story that is told at O&O Academy that illustrates the nature of “experiencing our truth,” as well as the effect we have on others around us in deeply profound ways.

There was a very famous Indian surgeon who had performed almost miraculous surgeries and who had never had a patient of his die as a result of the surgery. However, he was operating on one particular patient and the patient’s condition became worse and worse. The surgeon was afraid the patient was dying and he prayed fervently to his god that the patient live. His prayers appeared to do no good. He prayed even more intently that the patient’s life be spared. All of a sudden he experienced that the underlying reason—his “truth”—for not wanting his patient to die was that it would tarnish his reputation as a great surgeon. At that moment he felt a great relief, and his patient began to recover.

This is an illustration of the power of these deep-seated beliefs of the little self that affect our lives and the lives of those around us in ways we cannot imagine. It is also an illustration of the power of “experiencing our truth” in any given situation.

Experiencing Your Truth

It is a law of the Universe that we create our own reality. Some of that reality we create consciously, and most of it we create unconsciously. The unconscious creation of our reality results from our beliefs, most of which we are unaware. Experiencing our “truths”—these deep inner beliefs—in any given situation most often seems to happen when we are very relaxed and are in an “allowing” state. That is when our connection to higher source is most likely to open—for realizations, for intuitions, etc. My math solutions, mentioned above, came when I was asleep or in the shower, for example.

There is a more direct way of opening to our truths, and that is to use any meditative practice that takes you to a deeper state of consciousness. A very effective practice taught by O&O Academy is the Soul-Sync Meditation. Rather than try to describe it, I refer you to this link on YouTube. When you reach the point in the meditation where you are asked to make an intention of one desire in your heart, ask to see your truth underlying a troubling situation in your life. You may experience your truth in this situation at that time, or you may have to do the Soul-Sync Meditation one or more additional times. And you may experience the “truth” at a time when you least expect it. I often experience a truth that I have asked for when I am journaling, often times when I’m journaling about something entirely different. The Universe knows when you are ready to receive it, so you may relax and expect this experiencing to happen.


As I said in the beginning, the above is based on what I’ve experienced along my spiritual journey. As with all realizations and revelations, they are mine, and yours may be different. Nevertheless, I encourage you to look deeply within to see what, if any, of this resonates with you.

As you experience your truths—especially in regard to the little masculine self that we all carry to a greater or lesser degree—you are preparing yourself to experience the Divine Feminine and ultimately the Divine Masculine energies that are descending on this planet at this time. The qualities of this ultimate state of being are unimaginable but ultimately attainable by all.