6 — Who Are You? Who Am I?

5 July 2014: I’ve just added an update to the next-to-last paragraph where I talked about money. You can go directly here for the update, or just reread this entire blog post.

With due respect to The Who, who are you? No, who are you really? There’s the outward manifestation/appearance of you—the you that is seen by acquaintances, store clerks, people on the subway. Then there is the you your colleagues see, the you your close friends see, the you your siblings and cousins see, the you your dad sees, and the perhaps somewhat different you your mom sees.

This outward you is the projection of a constellation of decisions, beliefs, and postulates you’ve adopted from your experiences, your DNA, your heritage, your culture, your country, your religion, your ethnic makeup, … and a myriad other sub-groupings you’ve been a part of, whether by choice or birth. Most of them you had no choice in, or at least felt you didn’t at the time.

What are these decisions, beliefs, and postulates? Most of them are buried within your unconscious mind. You don’t even realize, now, that you made them. They are so deep within your makeup that they are hidden from your conscious mind. So what we’re going to explore today is how can you begin to discover and change some of these beliefs that are masking the real you and keeping that vital aspect of you from presenting itself to the world.

If you want to change who you are, you have to deal with your decisions, beliefs, and postulates on three levels:

  1. Outer learning: simple actions you can take or skills you can develop;
  2. Inner learning for the conscious mind: books you can read, classes and workshops you can take, knowledge you can acquire from a variety of sources; and
  3. Inner learning for the unconscious mind: this one’s not so easy to change!

1. and 2. are relatively straight-forward. You may have a difficult time learning new skills or knowledge, but it’s there in front of you and you know or can discover what you need to do to change: take a class or workshop, practice new skills, get a coach or personal trainer, etc.

But level 3 is another situation altogether. If you’re not aware of the decisions, beliefs, and postulates that are in your subconscious, how do you change them? To change them, you have to become aware of them, or you have to use techniques and processes that allow them to surface to your conscious mind.

We’re going to explore two ways of doing that in this blog. We actually suggested some ways of indirectly getting at these in Blog 4: “A-ha” Moments and Coincidences. We suggested that these are windows into your deeper self, the self that wants to give itself to the world. We suggested you start with who and what you are attracting into your life, and who are you meeting. While these are indicators of something deeper, they are also indicators of these underlying decisions, beliefs, and postulates.

For example, what if you don’t really like the people you keep attracting into your life, but these kind of people keep showing up? Ask yourself what you must believe to be repeatedly encountering these kinds of people. That is a belief in your subconscious and it dramatically—but invisibly—influences your life.

There are many ways of dealing with subconscious beliefs, decisions, and postulates—some you can apply to yourself, some you must work with a coach to apply, and some you can be exposed to in a workshop or seminar format. We’re going to talk about two such ways today, one broader and more indirect and one very specifically focused on one particular area (money!). In future blogs, we’ll take up this subject again and again.

The broader, less direct approach is an approach such as that advocated by DreamItAlive.com (reviewed here). When you apply all that DreamItAlive.com makes available to you, you develop your very own dreamboard, an electronic visualization of what you truly want in your life. It’s an excellent way of using technology and the DreamItAlive.com processes to discover what you truly want for yourself.

But there’s another unanticipated value of developing your dreamboard. As you are developing your dreams, where are you hesitant? What are the little, silent, objecting voices that say, “Oh, that’s asking for too much” or “I don’t deserve this” or something similar that limits who you are, what you can have, or what you can do. These are indicators of beliefs, decisions, or postulates you’ve made at some time that you’re not aware of, but that are influencing you in subtle and unseen but sometimes very dramatic ways.

So, use the dreamboarding process as a way of finding clues to these decisions. There are a number of ways of surfacing and dealing with these that are way beyond the scope of this blog, but a simple way of recognizing them is to meditate on them, relaxing deeply and asking that they be shown to you. If this is too difficult for you to do or you’re not satisfied with the results, then you may want to find a life coach who is experienced in this kind of work.

The coach I’ve worked with extensively is (full disclosure) my life partner, Liselot Bergen, who has helped me tremendously at discovering the unbelievably deep, limiting decisions I’ve made and then clearing them. She can be reached at liselotbergen@integralwisdom.net or 801-556-3537.

I also promised to talk about a way to get directly at the unconscious beliefs, decisions, and postulates you may have relating to money. Over the next two or three weeks, I’m going to be reviewing a program (full disclosure: for which I’m an affiliate marketer) that addresses all three levels (see above) of dealing with what might be holding you back in creating the level of abundance and wealth that you want in your life. This program is The Money in Your Mind and is reviewed here.

UPDATE (July 5, 2014): If you want to go even more deeply into creating abundance and wealth in your life, see 25—How to Manifest—Really!

There are many other programs, services, workshops, coaches, etc. that are available to help you make significant changes in your life. I’d love to hear about what has worked for you. Please don’t try to promote an MLM product (see Reviews for why I resist these) or recommend something you haven’t tried. We’re looking for legitimate, life-enhancing ideas that can truly make a difference in someone’s life at a very deep level.

When you begin to clear the underlying, subconscious influences in your life, the real you begins to emerge—the you that wants to present itself to the world, that creates true value in the world, and that is the source of your true passion!

So, let’s hear from you!