Growing Into The New Blueprint

ID:; PW: Mariana9971

Week 1: Healing The Past And The Future

Week 2: New Levels Of The Essence Of Life

Week 3: New Ways to Youth the Body

Week 4: Abundance on all Levels–A New Perspective on Creating from the Quantum Field

Week 5: Accessing New Levels of Consciousness

Week 6: Realms & Dimensions

A New Universe Unfolding

A New Universe Unfolding

ID:; PW: Mariana9971

Awakening of Humanity (Nov 30 – Dec 2, 2017)

Replay 1: here or Youtube

Replay 2: here or Youtube

Replay 3: here or Youtube

Replay 4: here or Youtube

Stargate Marin, 11 February 2017 Rebroadcast

1. Meditation: Building the Field with the Angels and Ascended Masters

3. Meditation: Being Nourished by the Star Families

5. Meditation: Creating Space with Quantum Energizing

7. Meditation: The Connection of Your Consciousness to Your DNA

7a. Alcazar Describes the Connecting/Disconnecting

9. Meditation: Energizing the Telomeres and Mitochondria with Extra Receptivity

11. Breaking Through a Forcefield

12. Earth is in a Rapid Transition Phase

13. Stop Being Nice – Be Real

14. We Know You Individually

Growing Young

Introduction, 18 February 2017

Growing Young Video (They forgot to turn on the microphone, so there’s no sound at first! Just let it play and the sound will start.)

Week 1 — Telomeres

1. Building the Energy Field

2. Energizing the Super Consciousness

3. Energizing the Telomeres

Week 2 — Mitochondria

Meditation 1

Meditation 2

Meditation 3

Week 3 — Stem Cells

Meditation 1

Meditation 2

Meditation 3

Week 4 — Releasing Fear

Meditation 1

Meditation 2 — Releasing the Attachment to Fears

Meditation 3 — Dissolving Fears

Amplifying the Change

Inner Child Webinar

Inner Child Meditation