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I Am Cleansing (video)

I Am Sleeping (video)

Great Ascended Masters of Earth (GAME) Room

The G.A.M.E. Room will be open for 48 hours before and 48 hours after the full moon times listed below. During that time it will be occupied by the energies of more than 1500 incarnate Ascended Masters. They are currently joined by 8 Shaumbra from around the world.

LOS ANGELES = Friday * 13 September 2019 * 9:32:46 pm (PDT)

Click here for more full moon information and different time zones

Wound of Adam

The Wound of Adam — Introduction (2017 Feb)


Final Merabh

Bob Proctor Morning Meditation: Meditation

Matt Kahn:

The Karmic Return

The Path of Courage

The Essence of Forgivenesses

The End of Inner Conflict (Aug 2017)

The Alchemy of Transformation (Nov 2017)

The Gift of Diversity (Oct 2018)

Marianne Williamson

Coronavirus Meditation



Theos DreamWalk

Part 1 – Intro; New Earth (29:36)

Part 2 – Bridge to Theos (15:58)

Part 3 – Theos (21:09)

Part 4 – Integration (12:09)

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PW: Mariana9971

The Great Bell Chant

The Great Bell Chant (The End of Suffering)

Catherine Santos Reading

Reading (11-5-17)

Selected Meditations

Journey of the Angels — Tobias

The Silent Prayer — Tobias

An Experiencing of Remembering

The Lost Children of Christ

State of the Circle (2015 Jan)

Keep Us — Peter Bradley Adams (2017 Aug)

Life (2013 Jan)

Prognost 2017 (2017 Jan)

Free Time Merabh

Free Energy Merabht

Dreamwalk Through 3D (2013 Oct)

Experience of Imagination (2014 April)

Farewell to the Past (Jan 2015)

New Energy Experience (2013 May)

Remember Your Knowingness (2013 Nov)

The End of Evolution (2012 Jun)

Why is Life So Hard? (2017 Feb)


Clinic (2016 Oct) — The Abundance Merabh is the last 25 minutes of the clinic.


Introduction to Merabhs

Merabh Collection (77)

Alchemy for Your Dreams (2013 March)

Allowing (2015 August)

Allowing Knowingness (2015 Dec)

Alt Reality—Compassion & Creation (2017 Nov)

Alt Reality Merabh (2017 Nov)

An Experience of Remembering (2014 May)

Assuming Enlightenment (2013 July)

Beyond Patterns (2016 Nov)

Blowing Up Guilt (2018 July)

Cleansing (2015 Feb)

Commitment to Self (2012 April)

Creating Your Reality (2016 June)

Drink Deeply of Life (2014 May)

Integrate the Light Body (2014 June)

Journey Into Knowingness (2014 Jan)

Kaiko (2014 July)

Knowingness (2013 March)

Kyeper (2015 April)

Letting Go (2017 April)

New Think (2011 Nov)

Oneness (2017 July)

Power-Less and Energy-Rich (2016 Jun)

Quantum Allowing (2017 Jan)

Receiving (2013 April)

Remember Your Knowingness (2013 Nov)

Safety (2014 March)

The Body (2016 Feb)

The Gift (2017 March)

The Master is Here (2016 Oct)

The Sense of Love (2017 Feb)

Time and Space (2016 Feb)

Transsensual (2017 Jan)